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Hale Reynolds Series



Hale's Fire - Book One


What would you do to survive?

Valder Ordhugg the greatest living dragon hides from his past mistakes amongst the cities homeless. Hale Reynolds hides from his nightmares behind the bars of the psychiatric hospital.

Flawed characters, one hopeless, the other dangerous. Forced to run they will have to rely on each other to survive. But survival isn’t enough, its time to fight back.

In a time of change, an ancient prophecy tells how one will live, and the other will die. They each plan on being the one left alive, but how far will they go and what will they sacrifice to survive?

Hale’s Fire is the first book in the fast-paced urban fantasy series. Pick up a copy today and join the adventure!

Hale's Terra - Book Two


You would think if you developed superpowers, your life would be better.

For Hale Reynolds, it just got worse. He defeated the Seeker only to awaken an enemy far worse. All around him people are dying and these superpowers are useless when you can’t control them.


When you’re forced to deal with devils and journey into Hell, you better start praying, because if Hale dies this time, he won’t be coming back.


Hale’s Terra delves deeper into the hidden world, revealing scary truths and shocking twists. Its a ride you won’t want to miss, so grab your copy today!


Just click the button below for your copy!

COMING SOON! - Hale's Heir - Book Three


When a man of peace sets out to wage War, you better believe he’s going to bring it.

Surrounded by enemies, traitors, and sympathizers, Hale and Valder are forced to seek new allies to put an end to the Black Dragon Clan. As they fight, Molly plans to free her people from the ancient curse. All around them the world is changing, the balance has been broken, the gates of Hell are open, and the darkness is coming.

War might not be the answer, but unless Molly finds a better way, Hale will fight.

Hale’s Heir is the novel that answers the questions, rights the wrongs and delivers an ending to match. Don’t miss out and unlock the story with your copy today!

Wselfwulf - The Wolf of Slaughter Series





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